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Goldenrod Spoon Ring


Goldenrod belongs to the Sunflower Family. It is native to Europe. There are about 125 species of goldenrod around the world; around 90 are found in North America. Goldenrod gets its name from the two Latin words 'solidus' and 'agere' which means 'make strong' or 'make healthy'. The Chippewa Indians called it 'gizisomukiki' meaning 'sun medicine'. The plant has been used medicinally, for a number of ailments. Californians used the flower to treat sores and cuts, calling the plant 'oreja de liebre' which means 'jack rabbit's ear', supposedly after the shape of the leaf.

  • Sterling Silver
  • Reed & Barton
  • Goldenrod
  • Issue Date: Circa 1958
  • Ships worldwide
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