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Atwood HangMan & RingTool

The HangMan is a neat little keychain accessory that allows you to hang your keys from a belt loop, or use it as a pocket clip to suspend your keys or other gear in your pocket. Made of .160" thick titanium and measures 2 inches x 1 inch. The RingTool is made of 3/16" thick titanium and the opening is equal to a standard size 12 ring so will fit onto small to medium sized fingers. There is a 1/4" hex opening.

Linked by an Odyssey Key Chain Master Link. Size 008 o-rings under the backside and size 006 o-rings on the front under the top plate for tension. Opened and closed with a 3mm hex wrench.


Atwood Tactical Whistle

Each Atwood Tactical Whistle is turned from a solid bar of grade 303 stainless steel. The whistles measure 2.5" long and .5" in diameter and feature a black Delrin® reed insert for long life. Virtually impervious to the elements, these tools are guaranteed to last your lifetime and beyond. They deliver a clear sharp ear splitting blast that can be easily heard over the wind or other sources of noise. An essential safety and survival tool for hikers, boaters and urban dwellers, these whistles belong on every keychain. They make an excellent and thoughtful gift as well.


Ti2 Sentinel S4S

Made from grade 2 titanium, strong as steel at half the weight. Stonewashed finished. Water tight o-ring seal design. Three piece design allows access from either end.  Lodged items can be easily "pushed" through. Fluted ergonomic grip areas. Large ring slot can host a wide range of rings, clips, and lanyards. Corrosion resistant. Hollow ends to reduce weight and increase storage space. Modified Acme "square" threads with Higbee starts.

Currently holding Siskiyou Backpacker Cologne: "Warm ginger, spicy Cedar, driftwood, citrus, deep conifer forest, mountains and rivers without end."


McGizmo Sapphire Flashlight



Oliver Sha The Move Pen


Berlin TiWorks Spacebomb & Glowworm

Stonewashed Titanium 6 Green 2x12mmTritium Vials

The whistle, the beard oil, the light, the pen, the Spaceworm.

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