Kimberlin Co.


Activity 1: River rafting the Martha Brae in Falmouth.

Location: Floating on the Martha Brae in Falmouth, Jamaica
Enjoy 90 minutes of floating relaxation as the gentle currents of the Martha Brae show you a unique side of Jamaica.

Activity 2: Crocodiles at Swamp Safari Village 

Day 2-04.jpg

Location: Just outside Falmouth, Jamaica
We got to wander this Swamp Safari with a guide that let us hold a 3 foot crocodile and see where they filmed a famous James Bond 007 film scene.

Activity 3: Horseback-riding on the beach in Negril

Location: Negril, Jamaica
We were offered a 45 minute horseback tour along the beaches in Negril during quiet early morning hours.

Activity 4: Sunset at Rick's Cafe & looking at the Lighthouse

Location: Negril, Jamaica
Rick's Cafe is a fantastic place to enjoy an evening watching the sun set. Lots of places for cliff jumping as well as a 120-year old lighthouse set the scene.